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Ritsumeikan University is a leading comprehensive private university in west Japan with over 100 years of history.

It was selected to lead the globalization of Japanese higher education as part of the "Top Global University Project" funded by the Japanese government.

Today, around 36,000 students are studying and conducting research on its four campuses in Kyoto, Shiga, and Osaka. Ritsumeikan University is pioneering new programs utilizing Japan’s well-developed education with their English-medium Bachelor Programs.

It offers English-language based programs including dual/joint undergraduate degree programs in which students can earn bachelor’s degrees from both Ritsumeikan and partner universities abroad. Their collaborative degrees, especially the dual degree program with The Australian National University under college of Global Liberal Arts, go beyond country borders.

Ritsumeikan University

Kyoto / Osaka /Shiga, Japan

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Key Features - Ritsumeikan University
1. Language Requirement
No Japanese required for admissions.

2. Online Interview
No Need to fly to Japan for Interviews.

3. Scholarships
20%, 50%, 100% Tuition Reduction available.

4. Study Abroad
Wide range of programs available.

5. Accommodation
Student dorm or Apartment available.

Programas Graduação

Bacharel, Ténico, Vocacional

Currently, we offer 5 undergraduate programs in English:
<College of International Relations>
- Global Studies Major (GS) (April/September Enrollment) 
- American University - Ritsumeikan University Joint Degree Program (JD) (April Enrollment) 

<College of Policy Science>
- Community and Regional Policy Studies Major (CRPS) (September Enrollment) 

<College of Information Science and Engineering>
- Information Systems Science and Engineering Course (ISSE) (April Enrollment) 

<College of Global Liberal Arts>
- Dual Degree Program with the Australian National University (GLA) (April/September Enrollment) 

Programas Pós-Graduação

Mestrado, Doutorado, MBA

Please visit the website for details:

Outros Programas / Bolsas de Estudo

Intercâmbio, Escola de Línguas, Etc

Short term - SKP (Study in Kansai Program):

Materiais e Downloads

Brochuras, Guias de inscrição, informações de bolsa

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