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"Together, we enjoy freely. Together, we live through the society."

Osaka University of Tourism is the first four-year university in Japan specializing in tourism education and research. Adjacent to Kansai International Airport, students from 25 countries and regions have studied at the campus. We have students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other Southeast Asian countries.

We take a great proud of our international cultural-diverse learning place! We are welcoming students from all over the world who "want to become the leading experts in tourism industry," "want to be involved in regional development and city planning," and "enjoy international cultural exchange".

Osaka University of Tourism

Kumatori, Sennan/ Osaka

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- International learning place
- Affordable tuition
- Unique field work education program
- A to Z international student supports
- Scholarship for students with N2 and N1 certification

Programas Graduação

Bacharel, Ténico, Vocacional

Programas Pós-Graduação

Mestrado, Doutorado, MBA

Outros Programas / Bolsas de Estudo

Intercâmbio, Escola de Línguas, Etc

「Japanese Language School section (Separated from standard undergraduate program)
Attention: The Japanese Language School section ONLY offers Japanese language study courses!

1) International students with N1--150,000 Yen off for the first year tuition.
2) International students with N2--50,000 Yen off for the first year tuition.

More applicable public/private sponsored after enrollment.
Send E-mail to [] for details.

Materiais e Downloads

Brochuras, Guias de inscrição, informações de bolsa

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