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"Encounter new scenery, encounter a new you!"

Miyazaki International University is located in Miyazaki Prefecture (Miyazaki-ken, population approx. 1,069,576) along the southeastern coast of Kyushu. It is known for its beautiful mountainous and coastal scenery and mild climate. The average temperature is 17.4 degrees Celsius (3rd warmest in Japan), with 2,116 hours of sunshine (3rd most in Japan), and 52.7 sunny days per year (2nd most in Japan). Miyazaki has excellent natural conditions.

The prefecture capital is Miyazaki City (population approx. 401,339). Miyazaki is perfectly positioned to catch the sunrise so it's called "Hyuga no Kuni," which means "country that faces the sun." Additionally, there are many legends in Miyazaki about Japan's first emperor Jinmu Tennou, so the prefecture is named "Miyazaki" because Tennou's palace (“miya”) may have been located in or around this area. Miyazaki Prefecture takes advantage of its mild climate and abundant sports facilities with the initiative Sports Land Miyazaki, regularly hosting training camps for professional baseball teams and soccer teams (J-league), rugby and surfing events, and several yearly golf tournaments, such as the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament (since 1974).

Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Miyazaki International University (MIU) opened in 1994 as a small English medium liberal arts college, and celebrates its 30th anniversary in April 2024. The School of International Liberal Arts accepts 100 students yearly, about 20% of which are international students from about 10 countries. Its faculty, which is 75% non-Japanese, are highly qualified specialists from across the globe who offer four English medium courses: Global Liberal Arts, International Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and English Education (our English teacher training course).

The Graduate School of International Liberal Arts offers a Master of Arts in International Communication and a Master of Arts in International Sociocultural Studies. MIU students may take advantage of study abroad programs in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or England in the second year, or one of our exchange programs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea or England (exchange programs continue to expand).

With an annual job placement rate of 98%, MIU students are highly successful in their pursuit of careers upon graduation. Our Career Education and Career Support Centers prepare students to work in industries such as travel, banking, airlines, broadcasting, kindergarten through university education, insurance, securities, civil service, transportation, medicine, education, real estate, ICT, business consulting, hotels and more. At MIU, you will expand your horizons and achieve your potential. See you at MIU.

Miyazaki International University

Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Kyushu

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- Global campus of approximately 20 nationalities
- Located in a safe, natural environment with a low cost of living
- 100% English-medium courses
- Large scholarship (40% waiver on all tweeting and fees)
- No Japanese required for admission - Admission in Spring (April) or Fall (October)
- Low cost of living
- Small classes
- Close relationships between faculty and students
- Liberal Arts Course
- International Business Management Course
- Hospitality and Hotel Management Course
- Japanese language courses for international students
- Study abroad and exchange programs at universities overseas and in Japan
- Strong student support services
- Strong career counseling support
- 98% job placement rate

- Online Admissions Interview Examination
- Available Scholarships

Programas Graduação

Bacharel, Ténico, Vocacional

School of International Liberal Arts

Programas Pós-Graduação

Mestrado, Doutorado, MBA

- Master of Arts in International Communication: 2-year
- Master of Arts in International Sociocultural Studies: 2-year

Outros Programas / Bolsas de Estudo

Intercâmbio, Escola de Línguas, Etc

1) Miyazaki International College International School Scholarship 50% Waiver of ENTRANCE FEE 40% Waiver of TUITION & Fees for Year 1 (20% ~ 50% from year 2 depending of Grade Point Average. Eligibility for continuation reevaluated yearly)

2) JASSO Scholarship 48,000 Yen/month 3) On-campus work study

Materiais e Downloads

Brochuras, Guias de inscrição, informações de bolsa

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