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Musashino University, now a true integrated university
History and Traditions
Musashino University is a comprehensive educational institute with a rich history and wealth of traditions. The school was established in 1924 by Dr. Junjiro Takakusu, a Buddhist scholar and winner of the Order of Culture, as a Buddhist school connected to the Jodo Shinshu Honganji denomination. In 2004, all departments have become coeducational with the mission to nurture students who are enlightened, exhibit strength of character, carve out bright futures, and contribute to society at large.

Musashino University

Tokyo, Japan

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e have experienced phenomenal development for the last decade. To nurture students to adapt to our sophisticated society, in 1998 we established the Faculty of Contemporary Society (now the Faculty of Political Science and Economics), complementing our existing Faculty of Literature. Since then, we have established several additional faculties in succession - the Faculty of Human Studies, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Global Communication and the Correspondence Course Department - as well as seven new graduate programs - Languages and Culture, Human Society, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Political Science and Economics, Nursing Science, Environmental Science, and Anthropology (via correspondence courses) - taking great strides toward our objective of becoming a top-class integrated university. All of our faculties and graduate courses gather spirited professors who are highly active in their fields. This enables each faculty and graduate course to respond the rapid pace of globalization and other political, economic and social changes.
Contributing to the present and the future…
These are just some of the ways we at Musashino University have tried to respond in advance to the changing times by expanding and developing our educational offerings, but to press on even further, we will be opening a new campus in Ariake, Rinkai-Fukutoshin in 2012. Our Ariake campus will be situated along the Tokyo Bay waterfront, providing an enticing educational environment in a seaside locale. In addition to our verdant Musashino campus, the addition of the Ariake campus with its access to Tokyo's metropolitan infrastructure presents our university with unlimited possibilities for the future. At Musashino University, our goal is to keep contributing both to the present and to the future.

Programas Graduação

Bacharel, Ténico, Vocacional

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Programas Pós-Graduação

Mestrado, Doutorado, MBA

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Outros Programas / Bolsas de Estudo

Intercâmbio, Escola de Línguas, Etc

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Materiais e Downloads

Brochuras, Guias de inscrição, informações de bolsa

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