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Digital Hollywood University (DHU) is a Japanese private university located in Tokyo, Japan. Our main campus is conveniently situated in the center of Tokyo, within walking distance from Akihabara, home of Japan’s pop culture. DHU was established in 2005 approved by MEXT and accredited by Japan University Accreditation Association. DHU offers a 4-year bachelor's degree in Digital Content taught entirely in Japanese.

Most of our faculty members are practitioners who have been active on the front lines of business. Our unique integrated curriculum focus on hands-on learning that allows students to maximize their unique potential.

DHU campus provides a creative and conducive learning environment for all our students. DHU is known for being a prominent destination for studying abroad for students worldwide, with roughly 35% of this student body being made up of international students from various countries and backgrounds.

DHU offers a 6-month Preparatory Course,
a 4-year Undergraduate Course, and
a 2-year Postgraduate Course.

DHU adopted one Faculty and one Department system where you can widely learn Digital Content skills (3D Computer Graphic(3DCG), Visual Effects (VFX), Augmented Reality(AR)/Virtual Reality(VR), games, film, graphic design, web design, media art, programming, et cetera.) as well as planning and communication skills (business plan, marketing, public relations, et cetera.).

Digital Hollywood University

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

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This year DHU ranked 6th in the Top 10 Asian Animation Schools Rankings published by Animation Career Review, a comprehensive online resource for aspiring professionals in animation, game design, graphic design, digital art, and related fields.

Why Digital Hollywood University (DHU)?

Integrated Curriculum: The University’s unique curriculum allows considerable flexibility that helps each student to maximize their potential. The specialized education in the Undergraduate Program will enable students to learn across multiple digital expressions and gain knowledge and skills from scratch. It is ideal for those who wish to tailor your degree to match your interests, ambitions, and strengths.

International Environment: DHU believes that providing a global learning environment for significant potential and opportunities will help the students vibrantly thrive in the digital era and this new era of globalization.

Professional Practitioners in the Digital Industry: There are approximately 165 faculty members teaching at DHU. The majority of DHU faculty members are current practitioners in their fields, in which they use real-world application of skills to enhance students learning experience. Students will learn hands-on skills and knowledge from professionals from various backgrounds, including film directors, animators, designers, directors of a company, et cetera.

Scholarships for International Students: Various scholarships are available for international students, which can be applied before and after enrollment. One of the scholarships that can be applied before the enrollment is Honor Scholarships. Students who receive this scholarship have a chance to get their tuition exempted up to 100% for four years.

High Employment Rate: As of April 1, 2019, DHU graduates have recorded employment rates of 91.7%. DHU has maintained a high and stable level of employment rate every year because of its broad range of employment support and a strong network with the industry.

Programas Graduação

Bacharel, Ténico, Vocacional

【Undergraduate Course】
Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication
Duration: 4 years
Medium of instruction: Japanese
Enrollment month: April

Programas Pós-Graduação

Mestrado, Doutorado, MBA

【Graduate Course】
Master’s degree in Digital Content Management
Duration: 2 years
Medium of instruction: Japanese
Enrollment month: April

Outros Programas / Bolsas de Estudo

Intercâmbio, Escola de Línguas, Etc

Materiais e Downloads

Brochuras, Guias de inscrição, informações de bolsa

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